Frank Williams

Financial Coach

Frank Lee Williams is the inaugural distinguished recipient of the Fannie Lou Hamer Award. Mr. Williams graduated from Syracuse University in 1992 with a major in African – American Studies and a minor in Political Science.

Mr. Williams spent eight years as an educator at the Middle School (William Niles) where he attended as an adolescent in the Bronx. Mr. Williams has provided business & educational consulting, vocational preparatory instruction, as well as workshops, seminars and conference training. Maintaining his roots in education, Frank helped to form the Association of Christian Teachers, dedicated to creating and supporting a more unified teacher workforce.

Mr. Williams is personally trained and certified as a human behavior consultant by Dr. Robert Rohm, (founder of Personality Insights, author, and former assistant pastor to Dr. Charles Stanley.) On June 21st, 2008, through the adept guidance of Mr. Williams, Farmers from Eden LLC, a leadership incubator which grows people to fulfill their life’s purpose, founded The Imani Collective, which is a grassroots organization that is designed to spur joint ventures among small and micro businesses.

In 2015 Mr. Williams acquired an MBA from Ohio Christian University to further fortify him with the requisite grounding to develop flourishing communities, which reflect the love of God. Presently he provides financial literacy coaching as a part of the consultancy at On The Rise Financial Center in Atlanta.