Welcome to On The Rise Financial Center

On The Rise Financial Center is a program of Inclusiv

Our mission is to help people build financial well-being & wealth through coaching or counseling individuals and families. Our coaches achieve this by working with our clients to…

Improve credit…

  • looking at the things that affect credit scores
  • discussing ways to build & repair credit and raise scores

Budget and build savings..

  • by creating a budget sheet to look at income vs expenses
  • by discussing better ways to manage money & build savings

Provide information about making financial decisions such as…

  • buying a home
  • starting a small business
  • preparing for other financial goals

Our coaches also do classes for our partners such as Westside Works, but people can book an appointment to talk to any them for a 1-1 opportunity. (Recommended for people to work on their own finances and work on a strategy that best suits them.)

We also collaborate with our partners to offer other services such as…

  • First-time homebuyer workshop with our partner 1st Choice Credit Union
  • Access to open a savings account with a partnered credit unions (1st Choice & Credit Union of Atlanta)
  • Hosting workshops, classes, and events for our partners

Home Buyers Education

We are committed to increasing homeownership and affordable housing opportunities .

Financial Coaching

One-on-one financial coaching helps clients achieve their financial goals and create pathways for future success.

Money Power Tools

Using these calculators to help you plan spending and lending opportunities as well as increase your savings.


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Opening Hours

10 AM – 4 PM Mon-Fri

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